Have Fun

While Team Building


Work Together, Out of Your Comfort Zones

Have you considered using hot air balloons as team building exercises? You and your team can come to the launch site in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun breaks over the landscape, and work together on a project that none of you knows anything about.

When it comes to team building activities, forget “Truth and Lie” or “Scavenger Hunt.” Put your team to work on a project that will test their abilities, their quick thinking and their willingness to work together.

Anyone can team build when doing things that are familiar. Those aren’t really opportunities for tempers to flare and bonds to be made. Working together to achieve a common goal is important, but the stresses of the unknown will either make your team stronger, or show you the weakest links. Really, showing the weak links will also make your team stronger, so it’s a win / win.

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Fly Hand in Hand.

Build your team up by letting them go up with team building exercises that work.

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