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Hot air balloon vacation packages add an extra dimension to any vacation. Just tell us what kind of vacation you are seeking and we will make it happen. Here are just a few examples of ballooning experiences we can arrange for you. There are many locations, and optional extras that we can offer.

Exciting Packages To Make Your Day

There are dozens of other packages....

Beach Ballooning

For those who are drawn to the ocean, we offer beach specials. Extras such as jet skiing, water skiing, and sailing are available with this kind of package.

Desert Ballooning

Desert Ballooning transports you across colorful and exotic desert panoramas. Imagine the exquisite beauty of a desert sunrise as seen from a hot air balloon!

Mountain Ballooning

Any additional options available with a mountain package may include hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, as well as many other amenities.

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When you take a vacation, be sure to book a balloon ride.

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